Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Soursops and Avocado

Eat fruit when they are in season:
Soursops and avocados are two fruits that give a lot of health benefits. Such diseases as cancer, hypertension, coronary abnormality and other lifestyle diseases can be cured just by regular consumptions of soursops and avocados. I am very familiar with soursops and avocados because they grow well in my village. Soursops used to be very cheap when few people knew the efficacy of the fruit. Since recent news from newspapers, magazines, TV news, internets were spreading, the price of soursops had skied up from $0.3 to around $1.5 per head. The price of Avocados, on the other hand, remains constant for the simple reason that avocados have been known to be able to cure diseases and work wonder for skin health for a long time.

A new thing that I know from an informal discussion is about how you eat fruits in order to give maximum benefit to your health. Eat your fruits without adding sweeteners to the fruits. If you do this, the fruit you eat will not be efficacious. Ripe soursops and avocados are delicious, so you don’t need to add sweeteners or anything else. You can have them juiced as well. Eat your soursop or avocado juice one or more hours before or after your meals.

Both soursops and avocados are rich in vitamin C, which plays an important role in health care.  Diseases that can be cured by soursops are diarrhea, ulcers, dysentery, fever, and flu. Soursop leaves can also be benefited to cure diseases. I haven’t tried this so far.

Avocados are excellent fruits to maintain your young-looking face. Many of my friends eat avocados mixed in milk and other fruits like young coconuts. In my opinion, avocados will not be efficacious if you mix it with sweeteners or sugar. If health is more important than taste, you will be better off eating it without adding sugar or milk.